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As a research centre the Amsterdam Pipe Museum, ruled by the Pijpenkabinet Foundation formed, in course of the years, a library and documentation centre. This internationally orientated library accounts for 4,000 titles focusing on tobacco, with special attention to the history of smoking. All titles are registered in a data-base, in which also indexes on the contents of the titles.

The documentation centre further includes all imaginable printed materials related to smoking. Here newspaper clippings and old photographs, also flyers, leaflets and any other thing ever printed and related to smoking and pipes is brought together. In 250 cardboard filing boxes this material is sorted per subject and accessible by an index.

The rich and invaluable archive of photos and scans of thousands of images includes not only pipes, but all sorts of tobacco related items. Currently parts of these are digitalized to make them easier accessible.

Finally the museum has also developed an extensive computer base, containing archive material from pipe makers world-wide. Certainly this is the most prestigious project of the past thirty years of specialized research. In our database we have information of all pipe makers once subject of study, among which the Dutch pipe makers with lots of information from often difficult accessible record offices are brought together.

For purposes of study or research a request can be done to have a look in the collected materials. For the rest, intensive use is made from this reference material by the staff to answer questions and prepare publications. For conservatory reason no photocopies are being made from the records.

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Cameroon pipes
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pipes of various materials
Dutch decorated pipes pr-columbian and American-Indian pipes
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carved meerschaum pipes stemmed clay pipes
part of the 4,000 titles from the library of the Pijpenkabinet
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modern briar pipes waterpipes
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