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Information and determination

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum prides itself as a hospitable institution. Whilst receiving and conducting visits, priority is given to the supply of information and the stimulus of research.

Visitors of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum can bring all sorts of pipes and tobacco related items to have them inspected free of charge. Not only pipes out of every imaginable culture, also tobacco jars, snuff boxes, cigar stands of what belongs to the field of smoking. Next to information on the age and authenticity the curator often can inform you about more aspects of the make or use of the item. Obvious is, of course, that this can only happen with the item present.

Those who are in the need of determinations are advised to direct themselves to the museum to have the items inspected. A reservation is recommended (+31-20- 42 11 779). This service is free of charge. Also this determination service can be obtained by email. However, dating from a photograph or drawing can never be as adequate. Please use the address

For film producers, art directors of magazines and many others, the Amsterdam Pipe Museum offers a wide range of (historical) objects related to smoking. From a long clay pipe of the Golden Age of Rembrandt and Jan Steen, to a nineteenth century opium pipe, a humble pipe of the 1930's or just the right package of cigarettes for an American film scene of 1962: the museum can supply the right requisites.

The choice of illustrations for books, magazines and websites is even larger. The documentation centre of the museum offers a wealth of information and appropriate pictures for reserarchers, writers and editors.

For any additional and specific questions to the staff of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum click here to e-mailaddress

early wooden pipes porcelain pipes
pr-columbian and American-Indian pipes
Dutch decorated pipes carved meerschaum pipes
Cameroon pipes
stemmed clay pipes meerschaum cherootholders
modern briar pipes
figural clay pipes pipes from Asia
painted porcelain pipes
pipes of various materials covers for pipes
carved briar pipes
the making of clay pipes opium pipes and paraphernalia
tobacco pipe with the bowl representing a colourful bird, Volkstedt, c. 1790
selection of the figural porcelain pipes, Germany, 1750-1800
pipe as devil with a human soul in his arms, Staffordshire, England, 1820-1840
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pipes from Asia pipemaker's marks
painted porcelain pipes early wooden pipes
carved briar pipes
etnographic pipes pipes of various materials
portrait pipes with the busts of an emir, unknown production, 1830-1850
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