The intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes

B.R. Goes

Twenty-five centuries separate the oldest tobacco pipes from pre-Columbian Ecuador and the pipes of today, spanning a period of ever changing variety in the design of pipes throughout the world. Such variety has enabled collectors to build their collections according to their own predilections and ideas, and they have done so with obvious pleasure and delight. This is exemplified by some collections introduced in this book, of which the collection of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum is undoubtedly the most prestigeous even on a world wide scale. This rich and varied museum collection has provided a wealth of objects illustrating twenty-five centuries of the art of smoking. Therefore the book also functions as a catalogue of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum.

The art historian Benedict Goes accompanies the reader on an imaginary trip around the world, visiting numerous people and countries. He describes the pipes in all their variety of material, design, and usage. The full-colour illustrations complement this fascinating panorama of the cultural phenomenon of pipe smoking found all over the world.

Al ideal gift for pipe smokers as a cultural introduction and for collectors as a source book for all sorts of pipes.


Publisher: Pijpenkabinet Foundation, Amsterdam, 1993

ISBN 90-70849-19-4

80 pages, size 26 x 22 cm, hardcover

119 photos

Price € 15 (excluding P&P)

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cover design with a print by Jacob Buijs, the Netherlands, 1760-1780
the origin of smoking, pipes from precolumbian cultures
the short nineteenth century tobacco pipe for the low class Dutch smoker
the longest tobacco pipe in the world and a long Gouda pipe tinglazed in Makkum the advertisement for the tobacco pipe in designs strongly related to their period chapter on bridegroom's pipes and the pipe in Dutch folk art French figural clay pipes showing their unexpected variety, 1820-1900
an indenture from England and the assortment of French pipes by Victor Belle on pipe designs from various origins, their creators and their imitators hand painted porcelain so-called stummel pipe bowls with coloured decorations the Dutch ceramic merits in bone china and slib casted products
figural porcelain tobacco pipes and the rare pipes made by Wedgwood tobacco pipes made by unknown workshops in mid-European countries hookahs, hubble the bubbles and other water pipes from Lanna tribes to the Japanese kiseru, the history of the tobacco pipe in South-East Asia
remarkable tobacco pipes from small tribes in dark Africa the tophane pipe from the Oriënt in red backed clay often polished and gilt frontispice with a collection of French figural pipes, 1800-1900 frontispice with a collection of figural Cameroon pipes, 1880-1960

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