Firm P. Goedewaagen & Sons, manufacturers' catalogue from 1906, including historic introduction and extensive nomenclature with descriptions

Original title: Firma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon, fabrikantencatalogus uit 1906 voorzien van historische inleiding en verklarend naamregister

By D.H. Duco

In the year 1880 the firm P. Goedewaagen & Sons in Gouda, at that time active as pipemakers for more than three generations, expanded their assortment of clay tobacco pipes in a spectacular way. As the only factory amongst the dozens of workshops in Gouda the firm managed to built up a supply of clay pipes, so varied and interesting to guarantee worldwide sales for over thirty years. While other workshops barely survived an economic crisis and many of them had to close down, the production of Goedewaagen expanded by the year. Within half a century the firm produced and sold worldwide over 200 million clay pipes.

As curator of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum, Don Duco has studied the history of this intriguing factory for over decennia. Like nobody else, he is able to determine the origin, meaning and popularity of every pipe design. In the introduction of this monograph he describes the growth of the assortment and introduces the different groups of pipe designs to the reader.

The complete reprint of the manufacturers catalogue from 1906 gives a full survey of the assortment of this important Dutch factory. In fact, it shows the development of pipe styles from the late eighteenth century till the early twentieth century. Of every illustrated pipe a clear description is given including information about the origin of the shape, the meaning of the decoration and the sales price in course of time. Unique are the listings of the original names of the pipe designs. This remarkable list with authentic names could have been included because of the find of the original book of the manufacturer in which he administered his pipe shapes from 1880 onwards. This document is also the crown witness for the reconstruction of the dates that are mentioned in the catalogue.

The importance of this monograph lies in the combination of a complete facsimile of the factory's catalogue together with a deep going introduction. Rarely a manufacturers' assortment was reconstructed and so completely described and published as in this publication.


Publisher: Amsterdam Pipe Museum, Pijpenkabinet Foundation, Amsterdam, 2000

ISBN 90-70849-09-7

128 pages, size 28 x 22 cm, softcover

facsimile catalogue of 1906 with 461 illustrated pipes

Price € 30 (excluding P&P)

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cover of the publication on Goedewaagen pipes showing a tremster finishing the clay pipes
historical introduction into the assortment of the Goedewaagen firm from Gouda, Holland
information on the traditional, modern and international pipe shapes from Goedewaagen-Gouda
the list with pipe shapes, their original names and information on production period and former prices
titel page of the manufacturers catalogue of the firm Goedewaagen in Gouda dating from 1906 frontispice of the 1906 Goedewaagen catalogue with price medals and factory marks the so-called French clay pipes made by Goedewaagen with amusing designs short stemmed pipes with attractive decorations following the French fashion
from 1876 in Gouda a series of pipes with heads were introduced, produced in moulds originating from the river Meuse region stub stemmed bowls with various designs to be mounted with a stem of vulcanite, bamboo or wood the modern cigarette holders next to the old fashioned large portrayal pipes clay tobacco pipes imitating the fashionable briar pipe from that period
the long stemmed Gouda pipe with large bowls stamped on the heel with the makers' mark Gouda pipe shapes decorated in relief, in 1906 the most traditional product traditional pipe shapes with twisted stems often sold to tour skaters the register on pipe names and shapes makes working with the information in the book easy

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