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Amsterdam § 5

Amsterdam Pipe Smokers Society

The Amsterdams Pijprokers Genootschap is an elitist established group of people who share a mutual interest in pipes and tobacco. Members meet every month in a stylish ambiance to underline the exclusive base of the society. During the meeting a wide variety of themes illustrate the other side of pipesmoking. The aspect of conviviality and joie-de-vivre is also expressed in the tradition of a joint meal preceeding the meetings.
The society strives for a differentiation in sex, background, education and profession. From candidate-members it is expected that they can contribute to the social and cultural-historic discussions the Genootschap aspires.

Further information can be obtained at Amsterdam Pipe Shop
or by sending an e-mail: click here

The yearly Christmas dinner in museum Pijpenkabinet, December 2006
In the main room of the Pijpenkabinet museum in Amsterdam the plans for a new smokers club are being discussed, September 2000.
The president speaks in the Pijpenkabinet museum, December 2007.
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The last public smoke event in Arti et Amicitia in Amsterdam, June 2008.
Three members listening to the lecture of Cees Smook
Tip for pipe smokers: the best assorted pipe shop in the Netherlands
Amsterdam Pipe Shop on Prinsengracht 488