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Pipe smokers visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot to offer to ardous and motivated pipe smokers. The combination of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum (the former Pijpenkabinet) and Smokiana pipeshop is an Aladin's Cave to the pipe smoker. Many times a year an international traveler makes a stop-over at Schiphol Airport, just to pay a visit to the famous pipe shop at the Prinsengracht in the city centre.

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum and Smokiana pipeshop combination offers even more to pipesmoking clubs.

First of all there is the possibility to an reception in the museum, exclusively for your club. Sitting around a table filled with tobacco and coffee or another drink, you are surrounded by showcases displaying the world's smoking cultures. These visits are to be booked during evening hours or the weekends, just to suit your programme. A guided tour along the collection, tailor made to the special interests of the group, is possible. The Amsterdam Pipe Museum collection offers a wide variety of themes, from the ancient archaeology to the modern briar, form European meerschaums to Chines opium pipes.

A second option is the city walk with special attention for the tobacco trade. The city of Amsterdam still is a testimony of the rich history of being the centre of tobacco trade for many centuries: tobacco warehouses, the weighthouse, small cigarmaker's cellars, opulent merchant houses, and so forth.
A city walk lasting for some two hours ends in the Amsterdam Pipe Museum (former Pijpenkabinet), where you can enjoy the most beautiful pipes from Holland and abroad.

A-prenten B-schilderijen
D-fimster E-Bretons
G-vereniging J-spotprent
P-opium M-Afrika
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N-Azie U-vignet
O-waterpijp T-advertentie
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Smokiana pipeshop in Amsterdam