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Famous pipe smokers in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Pipe Museum, the national museum with its international collection of smoking pipes, possess a series of briar pipes from well known Dutch smokers. The smokers themselves or their descendants have dontated the personal pipes, in order to commemorate the person as a pipe smoke. The museum will be pleased to receive suggestions for enriching this part of the collection.

In the list below you see a few of these appreciated and used pipes, with a short desciption.

Z.K.H. Prins Bernhard - (29 June 1911-1 December 2005) for the Netherlands the prince is the icon of the pipe smoker of the twentieth century.
Godfried Bomans - (2 March 1913 - 22 December 1971) over the years the most popular Dutch writer, also columnist and expert of Charles Dickens
Chris van der Klaauw - (13 August 1924 - 16 March 2005) diplomate and minister of foreign affairs, representing with his pipe the perfect care.
Willem Leonard ("Boebie") Brugsma (Utrecht, 18 July 1922 - 4 September 1997) Dutch journalist.
Harry Mulisch - (29 July 1927- 30 October 2010) the brilliant and exentric writer known for his high quality choice in pipes.
Ralph Inbar - Televison programme maker visible enjoying his pipe.
Andé van der Louw - politician who created with pipe and moustache an image on himself.
Piet Mondriaan (7 March 1872 Amersfoort - 1 February 1944 New York) the most famous Dutch artist from the twentieth century

Ollie B. Bommel

C-prenten A-prenten
S-catalogi D-fimster
G-vereniging J-spotprent
W-sigaren O-waterpijp
His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of the Nederlands
Harry Mulisch, author
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T-advertentie Q-techniek
U-vignet V-verpakking
Z-literatuur A-prenten
André van der Louw, politician
Piet Mondriaan
Minister Van der Klaauw Ollie B. Bommel
Ralph Inbar
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