International § 7

Clubs in other countries

In many European countries and in other continents, pipesmokers meet in smoking clubs and guilds. In their monthly gatherings, these clubs offer friendship and a chat among people with the same interest in pies and tobaccos. National and international events are organised on a regular base, mostly along with a smoking competition (see § 8). In these competitions, sometimes bringing together over 400 pipe smokers, the comunity of pipe smokers proves to be one big family of shared love to the pipe.

Motivated pipesmokers are usually welcome to join one of these meetings. Contact the secretary of the club beforehand to ask permission. Current names and telephone numers of the Dutch clubs are to be found ain § 4 Dutch clubs.

International points of reference can be found at the site of CIPC:

CIPC - Comité International de Pipe Clubs

This committee is the worldwide organisation that joins all natioal federations of local pipe smoker's clubs. The CIPC co-ordniates the international copetition schedule and surveys the international regulations during these competitions. For years, the president of CIPC is the Dutchman Geert Derkse.

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