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Pipe smoking contests

Pipe smoking contests are a popular social timepassing in many countries. Each participant gets an identical pipe, which may be a briar or a clay pipe, which is to be filled with exactly 3 grams of tobacco. During one minute the competitors light the pipe with a maximum of two matches. Winner is the one who keeps the tobacco burning for the longest time. Official competitions are ruled by a set of internatinonal regulations. While a regular pipe of tobacco is smoked in, say, half an hour, the experienced competition smoker is able to keep the pipe burning for over two hours. Whether the enjoyment of pipe smoking is still at stake, is questionable.

In 1969 the first European Championship in pipe smoking was organised, followed by the first World Cup in 1971 (Arona, Italy). Since 1982 the World Champoinship is 'smoked' every four years. In 1985 the World Cup for teams was introduced, in which the final time of the individuals within an inscribed team is totalled.

World records

Anna Borselinni, Denmark, 2008, tiime 1.56.30
Stefano Caberlotto, Italy, 2007, 2.54.24
Tivadar Trubacs, Hungary, 2006, 3.3.24
Troels Rasmussen, Denemark, 2005, 3,6,9
Gianfranco Ruscalla, Italy, 2004, 2.45.2
Gianfranco Ruscalla, Italy, 2003, 2.22.39
Lubomir Cinka, Chech Republic, 2002, 2.49.48
Lubomir Cinka, Chech Republic, 2001, 3.4.35
Jacob Herren, Switserland, 2000, 2.53.15
Tamas Horvath, Hungaryije, 1999, 2.51.58
Zsolt Zsakai, Hungary, 1998, 3.3.39
Jesper Bo Petersen, Denemark, 1997, tijd 3.15.37
Jacob Herren, Switserland, 1996, 2.34.24
Claudio Cavicchi, Italy, 1995, 2.43.53
Claudio Cavicchi, Italy, 1994, 2.25.52
Claudio Cavicchi, Italy, 1993, 3.9.3
Jacob Herren, Switserland, 1992, 2.52.11
Claudio Cavicchi, Italy, 1991, 2.12.58
Kaoru Hayashi, Japan, 1990, 2.22.49
Claudio Cavicchi, Italy, 1989, 2.25.35
Nicola Rizzi, Italy, 1988, 2.29.56
Daniele Corrado, Italy, 1987
Hans Ingold, Switserland, 1986, 2.21.54
Cossimo Passiatore, Italy, 1985, 2.20.36
Pierre G. Müller, Switserland, 1984,3.08.59
Pierre G. Müller, Switserland, 1983
Yutaka Takaoka, Japan, 1982, 2.56.0
Hans Walti, Switserland, 1981, 2.56.47
Christian Dellavia, Switserland, 1980, 2.26.20
Viris Vecchi, Italy, 1979, 2.51.02
Viris Vecchi, Italy, 1978, 2.34.26
Viris Vecchi, Italy, 1977, 3.50.50
Shogo Suzuki, Japan, 1976, 2.13.29
Viris Vecchi, Italy, 1975, 2.38.14
R. Baiguera, Italy, 1974, 1.59.2
A. Corsellini, Italy, 1972, 2.40.42
G. Mancini, Italy, 1971, 2.43.13
Pekka Pentikainen, Finland, 1971, 2.51.5
A. Corsellinim, Italy, 1969, 3.3.45
William Gallagher, Flint, Michigan, 1968, 1.52.58
Frank Frankenberg, Washington, Missouri, 1967, 1.35.37
Paul Spaniola, Flint, Michigan, 1966, 1.25 minutes
Frank Frankenberg, Washington, Missouri, 1965, 1.33.27
John C. Ulmer, Lancaster, Pa, 1964, 1.36.22
John Toler, Flint, Michigan, 1963, 1.26.2.
John C. Ulmer, Lancaster, Philadelphia, 1962, 1.4.24
Arthur Gerdes, Flint, Michigan, 1961, 1.4.17
Richard Austin, Flint, Michigan, 1960, 1.25.10
Howard Resch, Flint, Michigan, 1959, 1.27.45
Richard L. Valley, Flint, Michigan, 1958, 1.31.46
Harold Solden, New York, 1957, 1.10.15
Armand Courcy, Montreal, Quebec, 1956, 1.15.25
Robert Rudl, Flint, Michigan, 1955, 1.7.45
Max Igree, Flint, Michigan, 1954 2.5.7
Max Igree, Flint, Michigan, 1953 1.42.26
James Rogers, Alhambra, Californië, 1952, 1.7.7
Paul T. Spaniola, Flint, Michigan, 1951, 1.28.2
Charles D. Gay, Schenectady, New York, 1950, 1.25.15
Robert Auli, Toledo, Ohio, 1949, 1.9 minutes

The European Championship (EC) started in 1969.

The World Cup for local teams started in 1985.

For all the time smoking results see the CIPC website

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