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A virtual exhibition

The pictures and themes on this pages are linked to pages with a lot of illustrations from the rich Pijpenkabinet Collection, inlcuding prints of smokers and other printed documentation

G-vereniging D-fimster
P-opium E-Bretons
B-schilderijen C-prenten
M-Afrika K-cartoons
A-prenten § 1

smokers' prints
portraits of Dutch smokers from 1600 to 1900

B-schilderijen § 2 paintings
smokers on paintings in the collections of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum
C-prenten § 3 portraits of smokers
the smoker depicted with his favorite pipe
D-fimster § 4 film stars
the pipe as an item for image building
E-Bretons § 5 smokers from Brittany
folk types, men as well as women smoking
F-folklore § 6 folklore
traditonal and out dated smoking habits
G-vereniging § 7 smokers' clubs
illustrations of smokers in their club or smoke room
J-spotprent § 8 caricatures
pipe smokers ridiculized in various ways
K-cartoons § 9 cartoons
smokers and smoking in cartoons
M-Afrika § 10 smokers from Africa
remarkable smokers from the African continent
N-Azie § 11 smokers from Asia
exotic types smoking from all over Asia
O-waterpijp § 12 water pipes
a variety of smokers including their water pipes
P-opium § 13 opium smoking
the phenomenon opium and their addicts
Q techniek § 14 pipe production
the making of tobacco pipes, clays mainly
R-afbeeldingen § 15 illustrations of antique pipes
surprising depictions of collectable pipes
S-catalogi § 16 catalogues
the tobacco pipe in the catalogues of manufacturers
T-advertentie § 17 advertisements
a series of advertisements and folders on tobacco pipes
U-vignet § 18 tobacco wrappers
eighteenth and nineteenth century Dutch tobacco wrappers
V-verpakking § 19 tobacco package
a rich choice of printed tobacco papers
W-sigaren § 20 cigar labels
the colourfull printwork for the cigar box
X-tabaksplant § 21 tobacco plants
artistic prints of tobacco plants through the centuries
Z-literatuur § 22 literature on pipes and tobacco
books and prints and their characteristics
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O-waterpijp R-afbeeldingen
Q-techniek T-advertentie
Z-literatuur N-Azie
U-vignet S-catalogi
M-Afrika K-cartoons
C-prenten J-spotprent
A-prenten P-opium
G-vereniging O-waterpijp
V-verpakking Q-techniek
Tip for pipe smokers: the best assorted pipe shop in the Netherlands
Smokiana pipeshop in Amsterdam