Film stars

May smoking in this century be banned, the twentieth century certainly is the era of smoking. While cigarettes came into fashion, pipe smoking declined in general and became more and more a habit restricted to intellectual and artistic circles.

In the early twentieth century the pipe still was an important attribute. It added style to the personality and appearance of the smoker. A traditional writer smoking a lager bent, a clean-shaven film star uses a streamlined straight pipe. Never the less, how popular and adored they once were, many of these smokers are almost forgotten now. Who remembers the French Botrel or Harry Carrey?

Film stars are either illustrated in their famous role or as personality in private. In the latter case, the pipe is a private item and says more about the personal taste. After the 1960's celebrities didn’t use a smoking pipe any more to impress their audience.

Portraits of film stars are useful to learn more about the fashion look of the tobacco pipe. We see the cosy bent shapes next to the strict straight. After World War II the pipe became more explicit, underlining the character of the person.

In the1970's the tobacco pipe disappeared as a personal item. At present it is no longer suitable to be depicted with a pipe, cigar or cigarette.

portrait of Botrel as sailor with a short clay between his lips, France, 1900-1910 the Belgian writer Gerard Walschap, without horn rimmed spectacles and bent briar little of his personality would have left, Belgium, 1910-1920
a streamline-straight stemmed briar between the lips of a clean-shaven artist, 1930-1960
portrait of Harry Carrey, what would have left without a pipe ?
Josef Sieber, the proto type of the pipe smoker, 1950-1965 the tobacco pipe as a personal item in the right hand of Auen, Berlin, 1935-1960
portrait of Kurt Jürgens, what remains without the pipe
Fernand Gravey, a perfect balance between pipe and moustache, 1940-1960
Karl John with a straight bulldog and typical hat, 1950-1960
profile portrait of Grigori Chmara, 1935-1940 portrait of Trevor Howard, Dutch film actor, 1950-1955
Peter Kraus wearing a modious cap and classical tobacco pipe, Germany, 1955-1970
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