From the end of the nineteenth century advertisements for tobacco pipes appear in magazines and newspapers. Because of these advertisements we now know more about the market position of the manufacturers and the fashion aspect of the tobacco pipe.

Up to 1950 the size of the magazines is rather limited, so that the advertisements are rather compact and usually poor in illustrations. Often the advertisement does not mention much more than the new product, like the pipe brand "La Fusée". An illustration of the product itself is not there, because the making of a printing block was too costly in those days.

In the 1930's the number of product illustrations slowly increases. Often the printing blocks were used for consecutive campaigns. The text could be changed from time to time, but the illustration stayed the same.

Pipe advertisements flourish in the 1950's and early 1960's. In that time the illustrated magazine becomes an important medium for almost all new products. Besides, the tobacco pipe was still a luxurious man’s accessory. Various factories took the opportunity to advertise their new shapes and designs in order to stimulate the demand and to compete with their colleagues.

After 1970 the stream of advertisement for pipes and smokers utensils declined. Manufacturers direct their campaigns more on the shops that retail. To inform the retailers means that their message should automatically reach the consumer.

Quite a special series of advertisements deal with the system pipe, better known as the Falcon pipe. Several manufacturers bring these pipes on market, all claiming to be the perfect dry-smoking pipe. A true competition starts, pointing out the details.

In the end, toward the 21st century, the pipe as subject simply disappears from advertisment under strict anti-smoking regulations.

a wish card with the illustration of pipes, 1920-1930 a textual advertisement for the brand "La Fusée", the Netherlands, 1922
advertisement illustrating a pipe and sales text, London, Imperial, 1953
one of the many advertisements for the famous brand Comoy's of London, England, 1953 page size advertisement for three series from the pipe brand Comoy's of London, England, 1953
system pipe by Comoy's popular from the 1960's, London, c. 1973 colourfull advertisement for the dry smoking Grand Slam by Comoy's, London, c. 1975
advertisement for one of the series by Comoy's of London, England, c. 1975
folder with general information on Comoy pipes, London, c. 1975
advertisement for different series classical shapes by Comoy's of London, England, c. 1970
general advertisement by Comoy's prizing the general quality of the product, London, England, c. 1975
also smaller marks like Perkins try with campains to obtain better sales results, England, 1954
Dr. Plumb, one of the many dry smoking pipes to be compared with Falcon, England, 1980 the smoker and his pipe, advertisement of Dr. Plumb, England, 1982 advertisement strongly focussed on the brandname, England, 1954
advertisements for magazines for the respectable brand Charatan, London, c. 1975 Charatan pipes from London, a general advertisement including product information, London, c. 1976
the famous Sherlock Holmes series by Peterson, Dublin, Ireland, c. 1990
magazine advertisement by Alfred Dunhill Ltd, London, 1998
art photography of the product together with the tobacco, Alfred Dunhill Ltd, London, 1993 photographic effects in this advertisement of Alfred Dunhill Ltd, London, 1996
advertisement for a new product that never realized to become in demand, Ornsby, England, 1980
the man and his pipe with in the back the skyline of the Houses of Parliament, Parker, London, c. 1965
one of the many advertisements for Falcon pipes, England, 1980
advertisment for a Hardcastle pipe having a meerschaum lining, Parker-Hardcastle, London, 1974
an English brand represented in a German newspaper advertisement, GBD, London, c. 1975
hunting and smoking a pipe, a nice picture with a lay out of itself, Parker, London, 1985 simple, classical Paker shapes exhibited on brown velvet, Parker, London, 1987
advertisement for BBB-pipes by the representative in Denmark for the Danish retail, Copenhagen,1978 traditional advertisement for a classic brand as Barling, London, c. 1980 a common but respectable undermark of Dunhill, Masta from London, c. 1975
once a popular brand in the middle class category, Kaywoodie, 1980 three contemporary shapes in meerschaum with calcined bowl openings photographed under the mark "the Jambo", 1980
advertisement for the retailer for the relatively unknown brand Amiel from France, 1978
an advertisement with more text than piuctures including product information being made recognisable by the illustration of a pipe, Sasieni, London, 1953 still textual but the extra colour makes the advertisement much more convincing, Sasieni, London, 1965
advertisement for a meerschaum pipe by Andreas Bauer from Vienna, in a Danish magazine for pipe smokers, 1978
the old and well known brand BBB in an advertisment referring to the millenium change, 2000
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