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Amsterdam Pipe Shop

Amsterdam Pipe Shop is Holland’s national tobacconist specialising in tobacco pipes and pipe smoking. Having the largest selection of pipes and related items, Amsterdam Pipe Shop offers the best choice in the country. In addition to this, in-depth knowledge and good service play an important role.

Amsterdam Pipe Shop is not a commercial shop but is part of the Pijpenkabinet Foundation in Amsterdam, the national pipe museum housing our international collection. The shop however has its own name and a special entrance in the basement of the building, so the shop can be visited apart from the museum. Till the year 2012 Amsterdam Pipe Shop was called Smokiana Pipeshop, an unusual name that underlined the difference from the museum housed in the same building.

The aims of Amsterdam Pipe Shop are twofold. Firstly the shop stimulates the promotion of the tobacco pipe and knowledge of its cultural background. Amsterdam Pipe Shop therefore offers the largest and most inspiring assortment for smokers and collectors. Secondly the shop supports the non-commercial activities of the Pijpenkabinet Foundation in Amsterdam, for instance by funding research and publications.

Amsterdam Pipe Shop offers three types of merchandise:

  • Modern tobacco pipes (in briar, meerschaum, clay and ceramic) and related items for pipe smokers
  • Antique pipes and tobacco related collectibles from Europe and ethnographic items from other continents
  • A rich choice of books on these subjects, both modern and antiquarian

It is not our intention to put the full assortment on the internet. On this site we can only give you an idea of the atmosphere in the shop and some impressions of the items for sale. You are welcome to visit the shop and experience the atmosphere, good service and the eminent knowledge of our specialism yourself.

Amsterdam Pipe Shop is open:

  • Monday to Saturday: 12.00-18.00
    (noon till 6 PM)
  • Outside official opening hours: by appointment

Prinsengracht 488
1017 KH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone +31 20 42 11 779
E-mail contact:
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facade of Prinsengracht 488 with in the basement Smokiana pipeshop
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Amterdam Pipe Shop
the front of the shop with cabinets containing over 2,500 different shapes of briar pipes
centre part of the shop with European antique pipes and related items
back of Smokiana with ethnographic pipes and related items
Amsterdam Pipe Shop
the best assorted pipe shop in the Netherlands