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Antique pipes

Amsterdam Pipe Shop in Holland offers a rich choice of antique pipes for collectors:

  • clay pipes
    • excavated pipes from 1600 to 1900
    • moulded and slib casted pipes from Goedewaagen
    • pipes from French facturies such as Fiolet, Gambier, Dutel-Gisclon, Bonnaud, etcetera
    • pipes from the German Westerwald including coffeehouse pipes
    • English cutties and cadgers
  • porcelain pipes
    • figural pipes with amusing depictions
    • the reknown stummel with hand painted decorations
    • mass productions from the later times
    • long and short porcelains to smoke
  • meerschaum pipes
    • Austrian and Hungarian traditional pipes
    • figural meerschaums
    • carved cheroot holders
  • wooden and briar pipes
    • the earliest wood pipes
    • curiosum and vintage pipes from the early 20th century onwards
    • Dunhill's and other known brands
    • estate pipes
    • carved figural briars
  • pipes from various materials
    • glass, pewter, bronze
    • all sorts of cheroot holders
    • various types of vintage cigarette holders

Just to name a few of the numerous items. Please check out the shop for yourself to get a full impression of our amazing assortment. You won't regret your visit!

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Amterdam Pipe Shop
Back of Smokiana pipeshop in Amsterdam with showcases full of antique pipes and related smoking antiquities.
Elegant meerschaum cheroot holder shaped as the moon, Vienna, Austria, 1880-1900.
Carved meerschaum cigar holder showing a horse head, Vienna, Austria, 1890-1910.
Attractive portrait pipe representing Don Quichotte, Vienna, Austria, 1880-1900
Wooden pipe, the base shaped as a shoe, France, 1880-1920
Amsterdam Pipe Shop
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