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Tobacco related collectors items

Amsterdam Pipe Shop in Holland offers a great variety of collectors items related to tobacco and its use. Ten large showcases give you the impression of an undiscovered treasure :

  • Antique tobacco paraphernalia
    • pipe stands and racks
    • cigarette cases and cigarette holders
    • cigar cases, cigar boxes, cigar stands
    • tobacco jars
    • snuff boxes ans snuff rasps
    • pyrogènes and firemaking tools
    • old and antique tools from the craft
  • Publicity on tobacco
    • cigarette packages through the decades
    • cigar labels
    • rolling papers from the early 20th century
    • advertisements

The above items and illustrated tobacco jars are just a few examples of the rich choice we have on offer. For a complete survey, please visit the shop.

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Amterdam Pipe Shop
Part of Smokiana pipeshop with all sorts of tobacco related antiquities.
Cigar stand in porcelaine de Paris, France, 1850-1870.
Table piece made in silver with a dear in the woods, including a beaker for cirags and cigarillos, Oud-Beierland, Sealand, the Netherlands, 1862.
Cigar stand with American tobacco planter between beakers for cigars, a match stand and an ashtray, France/Austria, 1880-1900.
Beaker for cigars in opaque glass with a bronze stand in Jugendstil, Germany, 1900-1910.

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