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Ethnographic objects from Africa,
Asia and America

Amsterdam Pipe Shop in Amsterdam has an ever changing choice of collectors items to offer :

  • African pipes
    • clay pipes from Ghana
    • figural pipes from Cameroun
    • hemp-pipes from South-Africa
    • Turkish chibouques
    • wooden pipes from the Dogon-region
    • waterpipes from Egypt
    • various types of snuff bottles and containers
    • etcetera
  • American pipes
    • pre-Columbian pipes
    • Native-Indian pipes
    • Eskimo bone pipes
  • Asian pipes
    • Japanese kiseru
    • bamboo-pipes from China
    • sirih containers and accessories
    • betel-cutters
    • tobacco-boxes from Thailand
    • pipes from Jemen
    • hookahs and chillums
  • Opium pipes and opium paraphernalia
    • the so-called smoking guns
    • opium needles and opium lamps
    • head rests, bowl stands and other paraphernalia

The above items and illustrations are only examples of the rich choice we have on offer.

Since the assortment changes constantly, it is impossible to enumerate all items. Please visit Amsterdam for a full impression of the shop with its loaded showcases with the most stunning objects.

And for those who desire to see more, the Amsterdam Pipe Museum is housed on the main floor of the same building.

The back of Smokiana pipeshop with ethnographic items.
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Amterdam Pipe Shop
Wooden pipe inlayed with brass, chain with smokers utensils, Sahara, 1920-1940.
Pipe bowl depicting a standing German soldier, Cameroon, 1900-1920
Cilindrical iron pipe bowl with brass decoration, Cameroon, 1880-1920.
Water pipe the reservoir decorated with a repetitional pattern of flower petals, Iran, 1800-1850.
Two pipe bowls in steatite shaped after the German Ulm bowl, Kaffer, South-Africa, 1850-1900.

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