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For pipe smokers as well as for pipe collectors the acquisition of a pipe is a matter of serious attention. The look of the item, the exact colour, the weight, the craftmanschip and other factors are often difficult to recognize from a picture. For that reason Amsterdam Pipe Shop foccusses on the customers that visit us in our shop.

For some pipe lovers the acquisition on the spot will not be possible. To those we offer a limited series of articles by internet.

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The series of thumbnails on the right shows some items we offer for sale. To mention some of the categories:

  • Pipes from the oldest pipe factory in the world, named Zenith, the firm P.J.van der Want Azn., originally in Gouda, Holland, founded in 1749.
  • A series of tobacco pipes in briar made in the 1940's and 1950's by the Algerian pipemaker Raoul Amiel.
  • A series of cigar box labels from the first decade of the twentieth century.
  • Pamflettes and other printwork related to tobacco.

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