Pipesmoking courses for starters

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum, formerly Pijpenkabinet organises almost every month an evening for pipe smokers, beginners as well as advanced smokers. Sunch an evening is meant to learn and discuss the various aspects of pipe smoking:

  • filling the pipe
  • lightning
  • the actual smoking
  • choices in pipe shapes
  • different types of tobacco
  • making melanges
  • handling a pipe
  • all imaginable further questions

In addition to that also two times a pipe is filled and smoked so that the participants learn how to smoke. Important to all this is to learn how to get a maximum of joy from smoking as a taste experience.

The program is lead by Benedict Goes, one of the ultimate smoke experts in Holland, also confrère maître pipier and member of different prestigeous smoke groups. As nobody else he knows how to answer every imaginable question on the subject immediately.

Purpose of the evening is to introduce the smoker into the habit of pipe smoking and give an answer to the many questions among pipe smokers. In addition information on the cultural background of pipe smoking will bring a certain proudness to all the smokers in filling in their hobby.

Costs for participation are Euro 25 per person. Those who participate have to bring their pipe(s). Persons that do not possess one, can buy a pipe in Amsterdam Pipe Shop, in the basement of the museum.

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For new dates please get in touch with the Pipe Museum.

New dates for the spring 2018 season:

  • Thursday 10 May 2018
  • Wednesday 30 May 2018
  • Thursday 14 June 2018

With too many participants, extra evenings will be organized, when too few participants the evening will be cancelled. Apart from individual participation, it is also possible to come with a group of a minimum of five persons, for an evening or even during the day. Such a program can be an interesting subject for a special group.

Booking by e-mail: info@pipemuseum.nl

by mentioning the date of your choice. You will receive a confirmation. Your participation is guaranteed after pre-paymend of the costs.

For more information: telephone (020) 42 11 779

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