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Repair service

Amsterdam Pipe Shop offers, as an extra service towards the clients, the in-house repair service for moderne and antique pipes. New pipe stems are supplied, broken pipes are fixed, but polishing and other maintenance are carried out asl well and with great skill.

This service, for which craftsmanship and dedication are a necessity, is becoming rare nowadays. By arranging its own workshop and training a young craftsman, Amsterdam Pipe Shop is since 2002 able to offer this quick and professional service.

Amsterdam Pipe Shop can help you even with the repair of antique pipes. A large number of old parts enables the workshop to make your antique pipe complete again. Missing parts are made to fit.

You can either bring your pipes to the shop for repair and maintenance or send the items by postal mail, with a clear indication of your address and e-mail address. You will be informed about the costs for reparation and postage.

The address of Amsterdam Pipe Shop you'll find with this link.

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Polishing the pipe bowl with a cotton disk makes the item look new again.
Business card for the repair department of Smokiana pipeshop, housed under the roof of the Pijpenkabinet Foundation.
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