Various cigar cases

From the beginning of the 19th century special cases to hold a few cigars are known. As new fashions are regularly introduced as an exclusive and expensive gadget, the first cigar cases were no exception. The expensive hand-rolled cigars were stored into a luxurious case, for instance of ribbed silver that were made by Amsterdam silversmiths.

Other possibilities are cases in lacquered papier-mâché, of which the best quality came from Braunschweig in Germany. Many other cities have tried to copy this producct, such as the one with the portrait of the Arab Abdel-Kader in which an erotic image is incorporated.

After 1850 the choice of cigar cases expanded: textile, straw weaving and curious folk art creations. Others have a metal frame covered with leather or fabric. All kinds of work give a large variety in these cases.

Quite snobbish were the cigar cases made out of pomponne, a metal alloy that shines like gold. In fact more luxurious is the example of ivory with silver inlay. For the thicker cigars, popular in the 1870’s, larger cases were made, such as the so-called finger case.

For an exotic look one could have a case in Japanese lacquer, soon copied in quantities for a much lower price in celluloid and other early plastics. As far as cigar cases were still used in the 20th century, they were usually made in leather.

Cigar case in ribbed silver, the lid jumps open with a spring. Rotterdam, c. 1815.
Cigar case with oval diameter in two parts each with ribbed silver. Amsterdam, Oepkes, c. 1810.
Cigar case in ribbed silver with variation in pattern. Amsterdam, c. 1815.
A silver cigar case in opened position, the way the cigar can be offered. Amsterdam, c. 1815.
Cigar case in tortoise shell with pressed shell motive and some silver accents. The Netherlands, 1820-1830.
Wooden cigar case finished with tortoise shell, the differenet parts separated with inlayed silver lines. The Netherlands, 1840-1860.
Cigar case in papier-mâché hand painted with a romantic landscape. Germany, Braunschweig, 1830-1850.
Leather cigar case with interior, both sides embroidered. France, 1830-1850.
Cigar case in papier-mâché with on the front a sitting lady, painted over a transfer print. Germany, 1840-1860.
Hand painted cigar case in lacquer showing an elegant lady Germany, 1840-1860
Leather cigar case with interior, both sides embroidered. France, 1830-1850.
Three simple cigar cases in linen or other, once very common, nowadays extermely rare. The Netherlands, 1840-1880.
What looks to be a golden cigar case is made from pomponne, an alloy that resembles gold and does not need to be polished. France, 1860-1880.
A so called finger case in which three cigars can be placed, silver with gilt interior, the outside engraved. England, 1860-1870.
Lacquer cigar case with the portrait of Ab-del-kader, when turned an erotic scene can be distinguised. France, 1855-1865.
Cigar case in papier machee printed as if it is leather, on the lid a painted porcelain plaquette. France, 1860-1870.
Cigar case in leather covered on both sides with a silver plaquette engraved with famous buildings in scroll work. France. 1860-1880.
A hand painted porcelain plaquette with the portrait of an exotic lady as centre piece on a cigar case. France. 1860-1870.
Leather cigar case with brass mount, in the centre a nicely painted plaque in porcelain showing a cigar smoking lady. France, 1860-1880.
Leather cigar case with on both sides a primitive decoration in carved mother of pearl. France, 1870-1880.
Cigar case in papier machee painted with geometrical motives in Eastern style with lots of gold. France?, 1860-1880.
Flat cigar case with oval diameter decorated with so called paille-work, decorated with coloured pieces of straw. France. 1840-1860 Cigar case with oval shape decorated with colored pieces of straw arranged in a geometrical patterns. France, 1860-1870.
A square cigar case in leather with embroidered motives in three colors. West-Africa, 1890-1910.
Cigar case with brass frame, both sides with tortoise-shell with inlay with mother of pearl. France, 1860-1890.
Two cigar cases in dark green leather in simple iron frame, the interiors in red colored leather. France, 1860-1890.
Cigar case with on both sides imitation fur, the frame is in brass. Germany, 1870-1900.
Leather cigar case in Dutch style resembling a purse with a silver lock. The Nethrlands, 1880-1900. Large cigar case in leather with in the center the initials of the owner and a stout brass mounting. England?, 1880-1900.
Leather cigar case with gilt bronze frame, in the centre a shield for the owners initials. France, 1880-1900.
A leather cigar case with frame and extra metal corners, in the centre a medallion. France. 1890-1900.
A leather cigar case with on the front a blind print of a family coat of arms, the interior is quite unexpected. France, 1870-1890.
A leather cigar case with on the front panel beadwork with some flowers. France, 1870-1900. Cigar case with iron frame holding black velvet panels embroidered in silver wire with the owners initials and lilies. France, 1860-1890. An unusual cigar case with in the interior place for cigars next to a bag for pipe tobacco. France, 1870-1890.
Cigar case with ivory shields decorated with engraved silver rims and a centre piece with engraved owners initials. England, 1880-1900.
Cigar case pressed from an unknown material, partly inlayed with silver. England, 1870-1880.
Beautiful cigar case in Japanese lacquer with gold colors suggesting a landscape with a bird on a twig. Japan, 1890-1910.
Cigar case in celluloid in the color of tortoise-shell and finished with a decoration of flowers in lacquer style. China, 1900-1920.
Cigar case in lacquer style with gold decoration showing a Chinse dragon. China, 1910-1930.

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