Pipe racks and pipe stands

As every pipe smoker knows, a pipe should be stored safely when not in use. In former times, when the fragile clay pipe was still in use, it was understandable that one cared for his pipe. The long Gouda pipes were stored hanging in a wall rack or – better for the pipe - standing in a wooden table stand, the hot bowl resting on the brass bottom. The pipe could cool down and dry before the next smoke.

The briar pipe is short stemmed and less breakable, so the stands changed in shape. In the early 20th century the most common form was the wall rack for hanging pipes upside down, mostly in oak with some brass decorations, but also completely in brass.

The brass decoration normally holds a popular saying about the good taste of the tobacco, or ‘A satisfied smoker is no trouble-maker’. Exotic pipe racks come in black lacquer painted with Chinese scenes.

For the burning long clay pipe a so-called pipe sledge was used. Even during the smoking, the sledge could move over the polished table following the movements of the smoker. The same small baskets functioned to lay down the pipe with its hot bowl in the sledge in prevention of producing burning marks on the table or table cloth.

More modern are the pipe stands that hold the pipe with the bowl downwards, which is much better to dry the stem. They come in sizes for one single pipe to racks of a dozen or even more.

Traditional Dutch pipe stand with two drawers for smoke instruments, oak veneered with mahogany, brass fittings. The Netherlands, 1800-1840. Wall pipe rack with carving in traditional style, the pipes to be hanged behind the brass band, The Netherlands, 1910-1930.
Beautiful pipe rack shaped like a butterfly, two hinges make it possible to hang this rack in every imaginable angle. France, 1900-1920.
Wall rack in paper machee for tobacco pipes decorated in gold colors illustrating a Chinese scene. China, 1900-1920.
Wall rack for six tobacco pipes in Chinese lacquer, on the black surface in different shades of gold various motives. China, 1900-1920.
Characteristic Dutch pipe rack from the 1930's with a proverb dedicated to the homy Dutch family life. The Netherlands, 1925-1940. Another example of an oak wall rack for pipes to be found in every Dutch interior. The Netherlands, 1930-1940.
The most common wall pipe rack with the text "A satisfied smoker is no trouble-makerr". The Netherlands, 1930-1940.
Beautifull pipe rack hand carved from brass sheet, possible made by a private person. Belgium, 1880-1900
Pipe sledge in opaline glass, on the outside covered with leather and a border of embroidered cloth. France, 1840-1850.
Pipe sledge after a Dutch example made in so called jasper stoneware. Engeland, Barlaston, Wedgwood , 1900-1920.
The traditional Dutch pipe sledge in painted metal to be used for the hot pipe bowl. The Netherlands, 1840-1880.
Pipe sledge in plain porcelain without any decoration, more functional is not possible. Germany, 1850-1900. A pipe sledge with the contour of an accanth leaf, the edges being gilt. Germany, 1850-1880. Pipe sledge in porcelain with along the outside in reliief a branch with small leaves and flowers. Germany, 1850-1880.
Pipe sledge in porcelain with gilding on the contoured rim. Germany, 1860-1900.
Block of briar wood hollowed out to serve as a pipe stand. France, Saint-Claude, 1920-1940. Pipe stand for three pipes in wood with a colored wood figure of a standing sailor. France, 1920-1930.
Pipe sledge in brass shaped like an oldfashioned bath-tub. England, 1900-1920.
Ceramic pipe stand for two pipes, the outside with a transfer print in encre-de-chine style. England, 1950-1960. Pipe stand in amber in a simple but functional shape. Germany ?, 1920-1940.
A pocket tobacco box with on the lid a pipe rest. England, 1920-1940.
Smoke set in Gouda pottery with a cigar beaker, a cigarette beaker, match stand and ashtray. Gouda, Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland, 1925-1930.
Smoke set of turned wood embellished with brass elements with a cigar beaker, a cigarette beaker, match stand, ash tray and cigar cutter. The Netherlands, 1930-1940.
Beautiful designed modern pipe stand in functional chromed metal. England ?, 1930-1950.

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