Cigarette curiosum

Pipe and cigar have inspired most of the smoking antiques, however, even for the cigarette very nice objects were made as shown on this page.

Until the 21st century, presenting a cigarette has been a sign of hospitality. The act of opening a special box that holds the cigarettes in a secret way makes the right impression. A fake brandy bottle that suddenly proves to be a cigarette case is such an example. Others have Moroccan motives, expressing an exotic air just like the Egyptian cigarettes themselves.

After World War II the simple cigarette tumbler was good enough, and even more simple is the holder for a complete package.

A cigarette case is useful for outdoors. The Russians made the heavy silver cases into a status object, personalized with appliqués of embossed silver signs, signatures or club symbols. They made most popular gifts among good friends.

During the 50’s leather boxes to hold the paper packages of cigarettes were both fashion and very practical. The 60’s came up with the metal box in which the content of a package was repacked. When the cigarette brands introduced the hard carton boxes the cigarette case disappeared, leaving the clearly printed brand name visible from a distance and hence reinforcing the life style of the smoker. After 1980 cigarette paraphernalia became rare.

Presentation set for cigarettes with engraved silver panels and on the top a holder for match boxes. Arab, 1900-1920.
Presentation set in wood for offering cigarettes, complete with a matchbox stand and a small ashtray. France ?, 1920-1930.
Interior of the cigarette box showing the cigarettes presented almost as a flower. Germany?, 1930-1940.
Box for cigarettes in metal, by pulling the lid it opens and displays the contents. Germany ?, 1930-1940.
Cigarette box shaped like a cognac bottle, halfway it opens and holds cigarettes. France, 1955-1965. Cigarette box in a nicely grained wood that unveils when open three layers of cigarettes. Italy, 1935-1955.
A small beaker for cigarettes in ceramic with a horse in mosaic colors, The Netherlans, Gouda, Royal Goedewaagen, 1955-1965.
Luxorious silver cigarette case with various emblems as tokens of friendship or memorials of special occasions. Russia, 1900-1920. Cigarette case in silver with a matching leather cover, England, 1930-1940.
Cigarette case in plastic, each part contains a single cigarette, an elastic band holds them together. France, 1960-1970.
Cigarette case in burr wood, the hinge is carved from the same wood. France, 1900-1930.
Cigarette case on both sides in email cloisonne a dragon against a white background, the surface with waves. China, 1920-1930. Cigarette case with on both sides two dragons with slim bodies placed against a black background. China, 1920-1935.
Pocket caving machine in brass with iron interior. Germany ?, 1880-1920.
Covers in leather or imitation leather to take away packages of cigarettes. France, 1950-1970. Metal cigarette holders on the outside in colored leather, some of them with a printed decoration. France, 1960-1970.
The most simple way to roll your own cigarettes, a so-called rolmatje. The Netherlands, 1920-1940.
Rolling machine for roll your own cigarettes, still packed in the original instruction paper. The Netherlands, 1960-1975.
Beautiful pocket rolling machine for cigarettes, the button made in ivory. Germany, 1900-1925.

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